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About the Exclusive Training Seminars 

Before you book any of theses seminars, be aware that this is not church service. The seminars are training components purposed to instill inner healing tools to be implemented in your daily life. 

  • These seminars are structured for detailed and intense personalized teachings.
  • These seminars are designed with limited seating for a more personal training experience.
  • These seminars are designed to bring forth truth and dealing with the skeletons in the closet, cycles of unhealed pain, and the pain of “Church Hurt”.
  • These seminars are conducted by the Holy Spirit and myself.
  • These seminars are purposed to build your faith and execute inner healing.
  • These seminars are established to develop a God plan to conquer your area of weakness or concern.

Please complete and follow all directions for requested information which will be emailed to you prior to seminar date. The completion of these items are vital and will determine the outcome of your training experience.

The Prophetic Life Coach

About Embracing a New Day

Prophetess Miranda is a Certified Profession Life Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist.

Through her Life Coaching business, Embracing a New Day, Prophetess Miranda has counseled hundreds of people in their personal life, family life, and businesses.

Miranda’s mentees, coaching clients and professional development clients refer to her as “The Life-Changing Coach”.  Her mentoring and life-coaching programs are two power tools used in her journey to divinely impact the masses.