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Sunday Service | New Orleans, LA

Join In-person in New Orleans, LA or Online on Youtube, Facebook, or Tik-Tok.

Topic: Healing & Deliverance

Date: Sunday, October 1, 2023

Time: Doors Open at 2pm EST

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Sunday Service | Chapel Hill, NC

Join In-person in Chapel Hill, NC or Online on Youtube, Facebook, or Tik-Tok.

Topic: Sunday Service

Date: Sunday, October 8, 2023

Time: Doors Open at 2pm EST

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Sunday Service | ZOOM ONLY

Join In-person in Zoom or Online on Youtube, Facebook, or Tik-Tok.

Topic: Interactive Zoom Event (Healing & Deliverance)

Date: Sunday, October 22, 2023

Time: Zoom Opens at 2pm EST

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PROPHETESS MIRANDA is a certified life coach, motivational speaker, and ordained Pastor, she established Nabi Healing Center to minister to families in need of healing and deliverance from abuse. Today, Prophetess Miranda travels throughout the United States, sharing the profound love, healing, and deliverance power of Jesus Christ. Recognized as a Prophetess of God with a Mother of Zion anointing, her calling resembles Deborah’s from the Book of Judges, who was called upon during wartime to deliver Israel out of bondage. Called to the nations, Prophetess Miranda serves as a counselor of prophetic wisdom, anointed to teach others the walk of Godly obedience and how to come out of bondage through “Prophetic War & Decrees”.

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