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All you need is one person to believe in you - Prophetess Miranda


Prophetess Miranda Higgins is a certified, professional life coach, motivational speaker, and an ordained Pastor of Nabi' Healing Center, based in South Louisiana. Prophetess Miranda was ordained as a Pastor by Apostle Tony Kemp of Quincy, Illinois. Apostle Tony Kemp is the spiritual advisor for Prophetess Miranda and Nabi’ Healing Center. Since 2021, Nabi’ Healing Center has become an International Ministry.

Known for the Prophetic mantle she walks in, Mother of Zion anointing, and her focal message of "Grace to Begin Again," Miranda’s candid, prophetic, and passionate style of teaching heals the deepest wounds. As she ministers to meet the needs of those suffering across the nation, she is empowered to continue breaking barriers – her life’s mission. Her mentoring and life coaching programs are two power tools used in the journey to divinely impact the masses.

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