Prophetic War & Decrees by Prophetess Miranda

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This book is a training manual designed for people who want to learn about contending with the enemy from a prophetic viewpoint, which is receiving direction and instruction from the Holy Spirit. It is bible-based and easy to follow. Included to guide you are prophetic decrees, step-by-step instructions, checklists, prophetic glossaries, warfare materials, and a 100 Day  Journal to create your own personal decrees as you strengthen your walk with God. I want to encourage you to speak the Word of God through each decree and release the “Now Faith”. This pleases God and causes His hand to move. God will honor His Word. 

Expect  to grow in the areas of:

  • Inner healing
  • Deliverance
  • Mental freedom
  • Spiritual strength 
  • Intimacy with God.

You will learn to recognize the enemy and his tactics and how to destroy his works.

Read this book with the expectation that your paradigm will shift and the prophetic gift will come alive in you!