The Seers Group Mentorship Program

The Seers Group, led by Prophetess Miranda, is a new mentorship program tailored for individuals in pursuit of personalized cultivation in the prophetic. It fosters the growth of spiritual gifts, aids in discerning one's calling, and provides insights on establishing a prophetic ministry.

Benefit Highlights

Weekly Teachings

Private Community

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Here is just some of what you can expect when you become a member of The Seers Group!

Program Categories

  1. Mentor to the Prophetic Student
  2. Mentorship for the Professional
  3. Mentorship from the Mother of Zion
  4. Mentorship for Teen Girls
  5. Mentorship for Couples in Ministry
  6. Mentorship for the Women in Ministry
  7. Mentorship for Pastors & Leaders
  8. Inner Healing for Prophetic Vessels

Training Component

  • Deliverance 101
  • Planning for Success
  • The Seer Anointing Training Camp
  • Mentorship Retreats
  • Legacy & Wealth Transfer
  • Making Godly Decisions
  • Discovering the Real You
  • Practicing the Presence of God
  • Intimacy with the Father
  • Polished & Endowed with Power

Core Rules

  1. Have a Spiritual Covering
  2. Required Life of Holiness
  3. Instilled Humility
  4. True Deliverance
  5. Filled with the Fullness of God
  6. Continuous Intimacy with God
  7. Walking in Spiritual Authority

*More information on each program will be sent to you directly after being accepted into the program and before you select which program you want to be a part of.

Apply and Join the Waitlist for Round 2

Round 1 is closed, but the WAITLIST for Round 2 is OPEN. Apply to be a part of The Seers Group Mentorship Program with Prophetess Miranda today and join the waitlist for Round 2!