Chapter 1

My deepest prayer is that individuals from diverse walks of life and various depths in their relationship with God will read this book. Having a strong foundation in God and knowing Him intimately is the starting place for effective war and decrees. Sometimes, believers will seek freedom in certain areas of their lives, but will fail to find it because their foundation in God is not solid. They have missed crucial foundational steps and lack intimacy with Him.
“Knowing God Intimately”
Jesus said even though the enemy came, he was not successful because Jesus had nothing in common with satan (John 14:30). Jesus had a solid foundation in God. There was no area in His life that the enemy could claim. Intimacy causes you to know the mind of God, the Will of God, and the power of God. As you spend time with God, you commune with Him. You become acquainted with what pleases Him. Intimacy in God instills confidence and a strong awareness of His love for you. Understanding God’s character and language empowers you to war and decree prophetically because you become aware of what to pray for and what you are contending against. To be successful in spiritual warfare, it is imperative to strive for a strong foundation in God, rooted in intimacy.

-JOB 22:28

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What people are say.


As the reader goes through the steps in this book, They will soon discover it to be a Manual For Life!


This book has been life changing during one of the greatest transitions of my life. It will push you into a deeper place of spiritual warfare and closer to God.


Words truly cannot describe the impact that this book of decrees will have on your life. They will mold you into the warrior that God has intended you to be.

About the Author

Prophetess Miranda Higgins

PROPHETESS MIRANDA HIGGINS is a certified life coach, motivational speaker, and ordained Pastor, she established Nabi Healing Center to minister to families in need of healing and deliverance from abuse. Today, Prophetess Miranda travels throughout the United States, sharing the profound love, healing, and deliverance power of Jesus Christ. Recognized as a Prophetess of God with a Mother of Zion anointing, her calling resembles Deborah’s from the Book of Judges, who was called upon during wartime to deliver Israel out of bondage. Called to the nations, Prophetess Miranda serves as a counselor of prophetic wisdom, anointed to teach others the walk of Godly obedience and how to come out of bondage through “Prophetic War & Decrees”.